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"Grounded in Christ" Workbook, Book of Mormon, Come Follow Me, 2024

"Grounded in Christ" Workbook, Book of Mormon, Come Follow Me, 2024

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This 160+ page “Grounded in Christ” workbook is intended to assist disciples of Christ be more “grounded” in the gospel by understanding both the “what” and “how” of spiritual learning.  Using primarily scriptures and teachings of the living prophets, this workbook will also teach principles of keeping doctrine pure in personal study, knowing the doctrines and principles, and assuring doctrinal accuracy.  It is meant to be a walk-along guide to help you improve your scripture study of the Book of Mormon this year as well as the teachings of the living prophets. 

The Book contains the following:

  • Introduction to gospel learning
  • “Seeing, Hearing, Feeling, and Knowing”
  • Knowing, Doing and Becoming
  • Knowing
    • What to know
      • Doctrines
      • Principles
      • Applications
      • Charts, Guides
    • How to know
      • True doctrine understood changes attitude and behavior
      • How to distinguish doctrines, principles applications
      • Quotes from President Nelson and other Church leaders on gospel study
      • Further instruction on the “how” of gospel study
    • The Book of Mormon will change your life
    • We need Women
    • So what?
    • Book of Mormon reading chart
    • Over 100 pages of space for personal notes, prayer journal, summary space, doctrines, principles, applications, action plans and follow-through

This book is the first part of a three part series of books created to help you act and become as Christ teaches and is.

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